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What can Tom Cruise tell us about the secret of success?

What can Tom Cruise tell us about the secret to success in your business?

In the film Live, Die, Repeat – Tom Cruise shows us that to succeed you must fail – repeatedly!

A modern sci-fi Groundhog Day - Tom (the hero – obviously), dies and fails repeatedly, but each death restarts his day allowing him to modify his behaviour and adjust his course and plan. He eventually saves the world, kills the aliens and, of course, gets the girl…

So how does this apply to you and, more importantly, to the success of your business?

The mantra of this film is that failure will teach you how to succeed and, not only that but also repeatedly failing is good, not just good, essential.

And what can Martin Casado tell us?

Martin Casado is a legend in his corner of the tech world for inventing a technology that radically altered the way computer networks are built. (He then sold this technology business 5 months after its launch for $1.26 billion.)

According to Martin ‘the opportunity is hidden in the sloppiness’ . He also believes that ‘no-one really achieves their goals and failure is inevitable!

This might sound a bit glum…

But Martin believes it’s only in the failure that we learn, it’s only in the failure that we adjust and it’s only through repeated failures that we achieve eventual success.

The most important thing is that we are not afraid of failing.

So how does this impact your business success?

When you learn at the edge of your skill level and at the very limits of your capabilities repeatedly, failure is expected.

When you REACH, FAIL, REPEAT – you can put these setbacks and adjustments to work in your business in a positive way.

It’s only at the very limits of your capabilities that you grow, and that your business grows.

For you to make your business a success, for you to grow its profits, Martin’s belief is that you:

‘…learn to embrace failure — not only embrace failure, get good at it, and by that, I mean get back up, apply what you've learned, and hit reset."

In other words, be the Tom Cruise of your business and Live, Die and then Repeat…

Click on the link below for the full transcript and accompanying video of Martin’s inspirational speech at Northern Arizona University – worth the watch

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