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Give your products and services a squeeky-clean overhaul just like WD40 did...

Give your products and services a squeaky-clean overhaul just like WD40 did!

How do you make sure your core offer is strong and your business is relevant to your customers?

How do you make your products or services stand out from the competition?

Asking your customers well-crafted questions will help you receive an insight into what works for your customers and what doesn’t.

This will enable you to spend time on your core offer so that what you are selling (your sausage), rather than the way you are marketing it (your sizzle), rings true with your customers.

When your core offer works for your customers it will give you the competitive edge you are looking for.

If incredibly well-established brands like WD40 can re-invent their core offer by listening to their customers, then so can you.

WD40 was established in 1953. The core product was originally designed to repel water and prevent corrosion on the Atlas space rocket, but later found its way into households due to its numerous useful uses.

Their company mantra was ‘we are in the squeak, smell and dirt business’.

WD40 have enjoyed sustained, profitable growth over all these years, just from that one product.

I'll bet there is not a household in the land that does not have a can of WD40 under the sink, in a garage or in a shed!

WD40 still comes in a spray can today!

However, WD40 were always searching for fresh consistency to their brand and therefore dared to ask their customers the ‘ultimate core offer’ question.

‘What frustrates you about using WD40?”

The responses WD40 received resulted in the WD40® smart straw® - this was the solution resulting from customer feedback.

A permanently attached straw which:

· could never be lost

· could flip up and be used for spraying hard to reach places

· could flip down for the general wide spray application

This one tiny flip-up straw has resulted in increased profits and year-on-year growth for WD40 – all coming from one product.

Don’t be complacent about your products and services - there is always room for improvement.

Click here to take a leap of faith and ask your customers that one 'ultimate core offer’ question, you might be surprised at the results and it might be a simple as adding a straw.

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