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What trigger gets your customers buying from you before your competition - every single time?

What trigger gets your customers buying from you every single time?

When it comes to making your products or services the ones that your customers choose, and choose habitually, there is a race, a battle, a fight going on.

Whoever makes their product the habitual choice of their customers will sell more and likely make more profit.

Repeat purchases make your products and services more habitual…

Repeat purchases will make your business more successful…

For your business to be truly successful and to make your products and services truly habitual, you need to use the 4-phase process of habit forming products in your business today.

The first of these is triggers…

Unless you get your triggers right, none of the rest of process will work…

There is a science to making triggers habitual.

To make the 4 phase process work for your business, you must understand the importance of triggers and how you put them to work for your products and services.

Your goal is to have your buyers and users automatically acting in favour of your products or services and,therefore, your business.

Why do you think companies like Amazon and eBay are so successful? You have the app on your phone,  they regularly send you emails with adverts for products (the trigger), and when you see something you want the behaviour is automatic… it makes doing easier than thinking.

You do it without thinking… it’s habitual.

You click on the app and you buy what you need… you don’t search anywhere else.

You go straight to your favourite app, habitually, and click and buy!

Click here to learn the importance of triggers to your business and how you can hook your customers the way that Amazon and eBay have…

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