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Success it not a secret, it's about hard work, your hard work

How to identify when success for your business is worth the struggle…

Success is about hard work, and as a business owner you know this.

You have worked hard to get to where you are today… and you have built a successful business.

What if you worked hard in a different way… could your business be more successful?

Dan Coyle, in his inspiring book The Talent Code, visited hotbeds of talent production and learnt that there is a common thread to success.

He says: ‘When you operate on the edge of your ability, when you are reaching, failing, reaching again, learning velocity goes up. It goes way up.’

A baby learns to walk quickly because they are reaching for the next level of toddling; they fall a lot, they get up and they don’t let this deter them. They receive lots of positive coaching and encouragement. They keep stretching themselves until they have mastered walking. Then they reach again and start learning to run, skip, jump!

When you struggle, you get smarter, faster, better.

Embrace the struggle and you will build your business smarter, faster and better.

You can adopt this approach for you and your business when you:

· Ruthlessly eliminate passive learning

· Embrace the struggle

· Embrace repetition

· Coach well

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