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Use the 4-phase process of habit-forming products and avoid average results

Discover the 4-phase process of habit-forming products…

Learning and using the 4-phase process can improve the sales and repeat sales of your products and services

It can help you build a network of customers, build profits and build capital value into your business.

On the other hand, if you allow your competition to get ahead of you with the science of habit-forming products, you run the risk of losing in a big way.

Here are 4 points to remember when using the 4-phase process of habit-forming products:

  • Work out which external TRIGGERS you can use to prompt customer action
  • Remember, a habit won’t form unless you get an initial (and then a repeating) action
  • Make the ACTION easier than thinking, using simple, clear and obvious demands
  • Use VARIABLE REWARDS rather than predictable rewards for the actions taken
  • Work out which variable rewards work best for your product or service and for your customer
  • After creating simple, easy to action and variable rewards, the next key step is to work out an INVESTMENT that further hooks your customers

For much more detail on all the above and on how to use the 4-phase process to create habit-forming products fo​r your business, click here…

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