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Use the skills you have as a business owner to influence your way to success

Why risk the success of your business by ignoring bad behaviour…

How do you influence the behaviour of some of the most challenging people in your team?

You run a successful business…now you want it to grow… to be more successful… to be more profitable…

For success, you must influence a change in behaviour of the few people in your business holding you back.

This is not simple. It’s complicated and it takes time…

Here are a few helping hands to ensure your business success:

· Be clear on the behaviours you DON’T want

· Work out the influences that are supporting the wrong behaviours

· Be clear on the behaviours you DO want

· Work out which new influences will support the new behaviours you want

Remember you run a successful business, but to grow your business you need to be skilled at influencing the behaviours affecting the profitability of your business.

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