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Master the art of difficult conversations and you will reduce the hassle, the stress and the challenges in your business.

You unlock the respect, loyalty and full potential of your team when you face-up to difficult conversations in your business…

When a difficult conversation is looming you must choose to deal with it or drop it.

If you decide to drop it then you must move on.

If you deal with it then it must be seen through to its resolution otherwise you will lose the trust of your people.

Dealing with it will require that you take these necessary steps

· Extend an invitation to have the discussion – make it sound like a positive meeting, not a reprimand and make it clear you are looking to resolve the issue. This prevents the other party being defensive from the outset.

· Pursue a learning conversation - It is an opportunity for everyone to get their cards on the table. Using the three truths, be sure to seek out the third truth. This is the key to resolution.

· Acknowledge your differences - the feelings in your two contrasting views, but seek mutual understanding and look to move forwards together.

Make every difficult conversation a value added part of your business.

Go here to uncover the three truths and start treating difficult conversations as a learning opportunity...

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