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Do you measure what matters most in your business?

How to measure what matters most and future proof your business…

I am sure you are familiar with KPIs – Key Performance Indicators, they help you measure whether your business is a success…


What are you measuring?

Are you measuring the right things?  Are you measuring what matters MOST!

Most business owners are guilty of measuring what they think is right rather than measuring what matters most.

Its easy to accept the ‘way things have always been’ and continue to measure what you have measured in the past but your business may be a risk if you don’t turn your current KPIs into new style customer focused KPIs (Key Predictive Indicators).

As a business owner you need keep to your existing measures, we know numbers are important to you…


Have a look at how your decision-making and actions taken, change when you and your people use customer focused KPIs.

Here are 4 helping hands to get you started, put these 4 things to work in your firm today and improve the success and profitability of your business by measuring what matter MOST:

· Get your team involved in the discussion about the KPIs that matter most to your customers. You team will come up with the things you hadn’t thought of plus getting them involved at this stage will make them feel part of the whole process

· Narrow the numbers of KPIs down to a handful that you think will (at this stage) work for your business, remember don’t over complicate things – this is a new process and as you and your team evolve you can always add and remove KPIs

· Set these KPIs out in a business one-page plan. Again, keep it simple, keep it to the one page. This is easier for all your team to work with

· Use the one-page of KPIs all the time, make it the stand alone measuring tool for your business.

Click here to learn more on how the business one-page plan and measuring the KPIs that matter most can drive real change in your business.

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