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Here’s how to create magical moments of truth for your customers

Taking customers for granted is a recipe for lost profits and ultimately business failure…


Get your people involved in delivering the 'moments of truth' for your business and they will help you create magical moments and loyal customers.

Here is your 5 step 'moments of truth' planning process to help you do just that:

1) Post it note your moments of truth

With your team, identify each moment of truth (the point of contact) a customer has with your business. Write each one on a post-it note.

Then create a post-it note timeline showing step-by-step, each point of contact – stick them on your office wall or white board.

2) Colour-code your different types of contact 

Use different coloured pens to identify the different types of contact you have with customers, for example; face to face, on the phone, by email, by post, via a website or webinar etc.

3) Prioritise your moments of truth

Mark the 3,4 or 5 most important moments of truth from your post-it note analysis.

4) Miserable, Neutral or Magical

With your team, assess your top 3,4 or 5 moments of truth – look at it from the customers point of view and decide which one they are – Miserable, Neutral or Magical.

5) Possibility thinking and action planning

Be honest and open-minded and identify possible ways of improving your most important moments of truth, and how to make neutral moments magical and miserable moments neutral or magical.

Remember customer expectations are changing all the time, plus there might not be a big difference between a neutral and a magical moment.

As you make your changes think small not big, make improvements one step at a time.

Click here to learn how to build the post-it note exercise into the constant improvement of your businesses moments of truth and change the experience for your customers.

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