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Avoid lost profits in your business and encourage a culture of customer care…

Customers will only receive the level of care they expect if every member of your team understands that the needs of the customer should always be the top priority.

Encouraging a culture of this kind can be a difficult task.

It is suggested that upwards of 70% of change programmes within business fail.

This is because the front-line people do not fully buy into the change – if they don’t buy into it, they don’t make it happen.

When its crystal clear to your people why you want to improve your moments of truth they might just support you.

You should start by explaining why customer care matters.

They should all understand that the success of the business (and therefore their own employment prospects) depend on the happiness of your customers.

Even though that is stating the obvious sometimes in the busy day to day running of a business this can be forgotten or ignored.

Here is an example of ‘why’

“Customers either decide to buy, or decide not to buy. They decide to come back and buy again, or not buy again. They decide to recommend our business, or bad-mouth our business.”

“The way we handle our customer moments of truth determines the success of the business, the survival of the business and everyone’s job, salary and mortgage payments.”

Seems like a good enough reason to improve your ‘moments of truth’ I am sure you will agree?

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