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What’s the single most powerful marketing tool you can use to grow your business?

People love stories – value them and enjoy them. It’s why we read books, go to the cinema, watch soaps and its why the box set culture has grown exponentially!

Stories give people what they want – by people I mean your customers.

So, make stories a part of your business’s marketing model and you’ll stand a chance of cutting through the marketing clutter that your competition is sending your customers and potential customers.

You cut through the clutter when you engage with your customers about your stories.

The big question is… how to construct great stories in your marketing?

You currently spend time, money and energy on marketing your business – you use some (or all of) brochures, adverts, website, events, social media posts, a sales team and so on.

The key is to continue using them as before BUT use better words in a better way for better results.

Most business owners fail to share powerful and valuable stories in their marketing preferring the safe harbour of facts and figures, but remember “facts tell… stories sell”

So, what’s the best story about your business?

What’s the best customer story you have to tell?

How can you make more of stories in your business?

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