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Blog 198 - Are your ladies and gentlemen serving ladies ladies and gentlemen

Are your ‘ladies and gentlemen’ serving ladies and gentlemen?

To build an army of raving fans, customer satisfaction is just not enough.

To give yourself the edge over your competition, customer satisfaction is just not enough.

To grow your business successfully, customer satisfaction is just not enough.

You must aim for customer loyalty…

Customer loyalty comes from looking after your customers’ experience.

An experience that needs to be keenly seen to be front and centre by all of your people.

An experience that must be better-than-average, better than the competition and leave the customer coming back to you again and again and recommending you to others.

In fact, your customers need to be AMAZED!

So how do you do that?

Here are 4 suggestions from Shep Hykens book ‘The Cult of the Customer’ that are certainly worthy of notice:

1) Begin by assessing your business’s level of customer uncertainty or amazement. 

If you don’t know your strengths and weaknesses, you won’t know where to start. Once you know how inconsistent you are, you can start building a culture of amazement.

2) Have ‘Customer Experience’ improvements show up as an agenda item every week for everyone in your business.

You show your dedication and commitment to improving your customer experience when customer touch points and impact points are discussed in every team and operations meeting.

3) Work out with your people the key customer touch points and the key customer impact points.

Help every member of your team to see how connected they are with your customer touch points and impact points and the effect they have on the customers’ experience. Then together you can work on a programme of refinement and constant improvement.

4) Work out the internal ‘Customer Experience’ mantra for your business.

Ritz Carlton’s was ‘ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen’

What would yours be? When you adopt a mantra that represents the culture of your business you can all work together to deliver an amazing experience for your customer.

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