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Encourage initiative in your team to drive success in your business

Initiative - the power and ability to follow the task through energetically and show enterprise and determination in performing the task.

Good stuff don’t you think?

Power and ability

Follow through energetically

Enterprise and determination

Would your business be more successful, more profitable and more exciting to work in if these three things showed up in more of your people, more of the time?

Of course it would…

Most businesses would benefit from unleashing more initiative.

Smarter delegation of work and jobs within your business results in greater initiative.

Greater initiative results in your people performing at a higher level

Your people performing at a higher level frees your time up to focus on other more important tasks.

When you encourage more initiative from your team it gives your team confidence - they may surprise you!

Here is a great story about how a simple act of initiative within a team can change the course of a day:

At a recent training event held in a hotel, the tea, coffee and pastries failed to show up when scheduled at 9.30am.

The event was due to start at 10am and some of the delegates had had early starts and long journeys to get there on time.

They had not only earned the right to have a hot drink and snack, they needed it, so that they could be at there most attentive during the rest of the day.

One team member asked the hotel staff twice to sort the coffee – nothing happened. Delegates were thirsty and frustrated.

The speaker was also concerned as the audience were not in a receptive frame of mind.

So, at 9.50am another team member used her initiative…

She charmed the staff at a concession coffee shop within the hotel to come and take orders for ‘posh’ coffee and snacks from the delegates.

The delegates all responded positively and although the event ended up starting a little late, the delegates were impressed, satisfied and in the right frame of mind too…

This team member used her initiative – with great results…

It was a simple act – solving an immediate issue and allowing the day to move forward successfully…

How often do you encourage this kind of behaviour in your team?

How many of your team do you think would do this?

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