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Actively focus your business brain for the best business results


If you ask most members of your team, they will say they multi-task regularly – they want to sound productive, efficient and effective in their role.

And it’s one word that appears on every CV you have ever received.

But the reality is, if you want a job in your business done well, accurately and completed on time, it should not be done alongside other jobs…

Given the busy nature of your business, you are likely to ask one of your team to complete a task alongside all the other tasks they have…

They will undoubtably say yes – no one wants to say no to the boss after all.

But their business brain will not like it, their business brain knows already that if this task is to be done well, accurately and on time, it cannot be done alongside anything else.

When tasks compete for the same space in your brain, the quality of the results of all the tasks is diminished.

For example – you drive into your car park at work or at your local supermarket, listening to your favourite radio station or CD in your car.

You then have to reverse into a tight parking space, with cars on either side.

So, you need to concentrate…

What’s the first thing you do?

You turn your car radio off or turn the volume down.

This is your brain telling you that you cannot deal with these 2 competing forces – if you leave the radio on, your brain will not be at full capacity to deal with parking your car.

It’s the same in business – when you focus on 2 important jobs at the same time you will not achieve the high level of accuracy expected…

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