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How to identify and drive out flawed decision making in your business

Life would be a lot easier if we just knew how to make good decisions but research shows we all make a lot of bad ones.

Improved success in your business requires a better decision-making process.

The chances are your natural decision-making process is not something you have given to much thought to…

But, the chances are you have done alright so far…

But do you want better than alright? Does your business deserve better than alright?

If you want your business results to improve beyond ‘alright’ then it’s a good idea to improve the quality of your decision-making process.

So, what is preventing you from making winning decisions in your business?

There are 4 hazards you must avoid if you want to make great decisions:

  • Stop being so narrow
  • Stop being so biased
  • Stop being so emotional
  • Stop being so confident

In their book Decisive – How to make better decisions. Chip and Dan Heath call these 4 hazards ‘the four villains’ of flawed decision making.

Click here to learn how to overcome these hazards by using a 4-part sense check and start making great decisions in your business.

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