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The ONE thing that you can do today that will take your business in the right direction

Whether your business is large or small there are constant jobs that need doing by you every day…

But if all you ever do is the day-to-day work every day, all you’ll ever get is more of the same day-to-day work tomorrow.

Why not get better?

Just like steering a dinghy in fast moving water, you can only steer the boat if the boat is going faster than the torrent – you can only steer your business if you are also working on improving your business…

Here is the key:  Do ONE thing EVERY DAY that takes you towards your goal, your dream and ultimately towards a business you would be proud to own and run.

Gary Keller in his brilliant book ‘The One Thing’ provides a focus question that you should ask yourself, to help you work out the goal for your business:

“What’s the one thing I can do today such that by doing it, everything else becomes easier or unnecessary?”

The question states today, but remember you are in control of the time frame, for you it may be this week, this month or even this year… but at least you will be making a start.

The time frame must suit the needs and priorities of your business.

The other phrase that is key to you getting your goal right is can do - not ‘should do’, or ‘could do’, or ‘would do’. The word ‘can’ implies action, as opposed to the others which imply intention.

What is the ONE thing that you can do?

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