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What happens to your business when you change your work environment as Adam Peaty did?

What can the success and work environment of Olympic gold medallist and world record holder Adam Peaty teach us about our own business working environments?

Adam Peaty is a 100m breaststroke swimmer who has taken his event to unprecedented new heights. He is European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic Champion at the 100m breaststroke – recently breaking his own world record to become the first man ever to swim the event in under 57 seconds – awesome!

Environment and structure have helped Peaty become the best and fastest in the world. Peaty’s coach, Mel Marshall, understands only too well the importance of his working environment to Adam’s success, which is why she moved Adam from his home in Derby to a house in Loughborough, where there’s a world-class sports science facility just 10 minutes away.

Adam Peaty now trains at Loughborough, swimming 7 miles a day, with gym and land training, and psychology sessions as well, all executed to a very well-planned and structured schedule.

The environment change triggered several small changes that enabled him to shave off the extra milliseconds to bring his time under 57 seconds to 56.88 seconds.

How often have you looked at your working environment as having a direct effect on the overall success of your business?

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