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Be the success in your industry when you obsess about your one main thing

The many distractions of running a business means we ride a rollercoaster of business success and failure.

How often in your business have you focused on one thing, on one main goal? And how often have you put all other issues aside to focus on your one main thing?

Amundsen reached the South Pole by focusing on one thing – and nothing else. His one main thing was to travel 15 nautical miles per day.

Intel grew to dominance in their industry by doubling the processing power of all their integrated circuits every 18-24 months – this was their one main thing.

Southwest Airlines grew every year for 30 years by simply being a ‘low cost – no frills airline’ – their one and only focus.

Have you worked out the one main thing that will influence the decisions you make, even when the economy, your industry and your competition are in turmoil?

Click here to discover how Intel and Southwest Airlines prove the value of a single-minded focusand learn the value to your business success of being fanatical about your one main thing.

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