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Make your business a success by leading with structure

Leading your team with structure increases your chances of business success and improves efficiency on the way to achieving it.

Structures can come in many forms, but they are all beneficial, whether personal or professional.

The working life of an airline pilot has many structures, none more important and valuable than their pre-flight checklist.  This checklist is arguably responsible for flying being the safest form of transport known.

When you do your weekly shop, you use a list, which provides the structure of what you need to buy and puts a limit on your spending.  It also makes shopping easier and more efficient.

Following a structured recipe when cooking a meal means you get the right ingredients, simplifying the complexity of cooking and increasing the likelihood of the food being edible!

Using an agenda in your business meetings brings structure and ensures that only relevant points are discussed and that the meeting keeps to its time.

How often do you use checklists and structure in your business to manage the work triggers of your people?

And how many of your team have a structured diary or priority list? Arranging the structure of your diary is simple but can profoundly increase your productivity.  Nothing focuses the mind like a ‘to do’ list!

In his book Triggers, Marshall Goldsmith states that “imposing structure on parts of our day is how we seize control of our otherwise unruly environment.”

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