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Blog 180 - Are you operating a business obsessed by customer amazement

Is your business obsessed by customer amazement?

Keeping customers happy and coming back to you again and again is one of the most basic ingredients for protecting the future of your business.

Your customers expect much more than happy…

…they want to be wowed, shocked, have something happen that is unexpected…

In short, they want to be amazed!

So, the pressure is on for you and your team to amaze your customers, to ensure that you give them an unforgettable customer experience, especially now…

To truly achieve this, you need all your people on board.

In his book ‘The Cult of the Customer’ Shep Hyken points out clearly:

“a customer-focused culture has to include everyone – all leaders, all employees must be on board”

And Hyken goes on to show, through the success stories of Ritz Carlton and working with companies like Avis and Caterpillar, that you have no hope of consistency, confidence or loyalty unless all your people are on board with your customer experience obsession.

Hyken suggests you aim for a modest goal:

“creating customer confidence and extraordinary loyalty by creating a consistently above-average customer experience”

He calls this ‘the culture of customer amazement’.

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