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Blog 177 - Persuasion and influence are your new selling tools

Persuasion and influence are your new selling tools…

Each of us – because we’re human – has a selling instinct.  Everyone can convince, persuade or influence people by confronting and realising this basic premise…

…there are no ‘natural’ sales people because we’re ALL natural sales people!

As a manager, think about the time you spend doing ‘non-sales’ selling:

  • when recruiting, you are selling your company to your interviewee
  • when you want to change something in your business you are selling the idea to your team of doing things differently
  • and you deal with your own boss – persuading them on new ideas, investments or change in personnel

It’s all sales – just in a different form. So… who needs sales people?

Atlassian are a large software company and work with the likes of Microsoft and Samsung. Their software helps manage large projects, tracks progress and helps teams work together.

For them the new face of selling does not involve sales people at all…

Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes puts it simply “We have no sales people, because in a weird way, everyone is a sales person”

So how did they achieve $110 million (£82.5M) sales without a sales person?

Answer, they stayed relevant and delivered value…

In practical terms they use ‘Forward Deployed Engineers’ – when a customer has a problem, Atlassian sends their engineers who work with the customer and their teams to help find and solve the problems…

By working out the problems and providing solutions for their customers they forge stronger links, increasing longevity of the relationship and more sales.

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