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Time to start seeing your internal meetings as an opportunity for growth in your business…

Do you think your internal business meetings are delivering your business the results it deserves?

Internal meetings within your business should be designed to help you make or implement decisions.  They should be designed to help you move your business forward and grow your business into one you would be proud to own and run.

But remember the meeting is not the decision-maker, you are. It’s you, as the leader, who makes the decision.

Think about how many decisions you have made in the last week, month, year. How many of them were at meetings where you encouraged debate, conflict or sought buy-in?

The tone and structure of your meeting depends on the level, impact or consequence of your decision.

Here are 4 helping hands to ensure your internal meetings are compelling and productive:

1) Before you organise the meeting decide what grade of decision you are making, there are three:

  1. decision of no consequence
  2. decision of low consequence
  3. decision of mid to high consequence

2) If your decision is of no consequence, simply make the decision and let your team know – there is no need to even have a meeting.

3) If your decision is of low consequence, share your decision and your understanding of the issues and seek buy-in so that actions can move the decision forward.

4) If your decision is of high consequence, then the quality of the decision really matters.  During the meeting get attendees to share their thoughts on the issue first before you share yours, then focus on generating genuine debate and conflict, working towards a collaborative agreement, resulting in actions.

Your business success depends on your internal meetings being successful, especially if you have lots of meetings every week.

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