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Build and use a better business brain by being a better stage director

Learning to focus and make the most of the 4% of your brain that is your prefrontal cortex is essential to prevent you from drifting into autopilot allowing your business to flounder aimlessly.

Otherwise, you’re less able to make good decisions, control impulses, solve problems, set goals and plan ahead.

And of more concern, if you stay on autopilot you will not even be aware your business is drifting off-course and the worst-case scenario is that if you don’t take action in time, you might not be able to recover!

In his brilliant book ‘Your Brain at Work’ David Rock captures over 300 research papers and more than 1000 brain and psychological studies and suggests a brilliant way to look at your 4% is to see it as a very small stage where your thoughts are the actors – bear with me…

Ask a group of children to act out a stage production with no direction or support – what would happen?

A confused set of events with the most confident children hogging the stage as much as possible.

The play would be poor, parents would not be pleased.

Your stage play – like your brain – works much better when you choose the actors (your thoughts) and direct the actors.

Direct well and you prioritise the most important scenes and bring the right actors to the stage at the right time.

When you take control of your work actors (your thoughts on the jobs that need to be done) and how they appear on your very small stage, you will take control of the play.

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