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Your business succeeds when you recruit the right people

Wouldn’t it be great if you consistently hired the right person for the right position?

Even better when these people go on to have a highly profitable impact on your business performance?

It can be highly frustrating and potentially damaging to your business if you recruit the wrong people - like the saying goes ‘one bad apple can rot the whole barrel!’

The calibre of the people you recruit matters now more than ever. With the transparency of social media and the increase in internet use over the last decade, it means that all businesses are exposed, small or large, everybody sees everything.

This means that if one of your employees gets it wrong then hundreds, maybe thousands of people will know, including competitors and customers… damaging your business’s (and your own) reputation.

Of course, this can also work on the flip side, your employee gets it right and your business looks great, as do you!

As consumers we all remember a good employee:

  • That person at the call centre who knocked money off to really get you a better price on your car insurance.
  • That checkout person that told you about the deal if you bought 3 instead of 2.
  • That delivery driver who carried the items into your house as they were heavy – even though ‘technically’ he shouldn’t.

You remember them, you remember the company – you are more likely to give a positive review of the company and you will use them again.

These are great recruits, these people are superstars, these people are the people who, when you recruit them, make a positive impact on your business.

These are the people we all strive to hire.

And if you can improve your interviewing skills, you’ll improve your ability to hire these superstars.

Click here to follow a proven interview process and you can be confident that you’ll recruit the best people for your business.

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