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Don’t waste your hard-earned profits on marketing ‘sizzle’ – spend it on marketing ‘sausages’!

When was the last time you took a close look at your marketing activity to see if it is really delivering the business performance you want?

Before you jump in head-first committing time and money on the sizzle it pays to consider WTS ‘Where’s The Sausage’!

​Too often business owners rush to improve marketing ‘sizzle’ by changing the logo, or corporate colours or website design…

BUT this will not solve the specific concerns and frustrations of your customers.

Here are 4 helping hands so you can find the ‘sausage’ – your core marketing message or offer - to boost the sales in your business:

1. Create a list of well-crafted questions for your customers – keep them short – but focus on their concerns

2. Ask a selection of customers one or two questions you think will have the best response

3. Analyse the results from the answers – collate the popular opinion

4. Create a core offer based around the concerns from the questions asked and test the core offer. Remember a test is exactly that – the key to all of this is to ensure you are meeting your customers’ needs – you may not get this right the first time.

Remember a strong core offer sausage makes for a sizzle you can share with everyone! However, without the sausage the sizzle isn’t believable or true.

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