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What happens when you take the ‘Persil’ approach to the value of your business’s core offer?

What happens when you take the ‘Persil’ approach to the value of your business’s core offer?

Persil is a household name and a recognised brand, but is their sausage worth all the sizzle?

In 2005 David Arkwright (former global director of Unilever’s laundry business) thought they needed to move away from the ‘whiter than white’ slogan and focus on a stronger core message.

Arkwright knew their current core message was not strong enough so Persil challenged consumers all over the world with the question ‘why is ‘whiter than white’ important?’

Through this customer research Persil uncovered the emotion buried inside dirty washing!!

The insight was ‘if you are not free to get dirty, you cannot experience life and grow’.

This totally changed Persil’s core offer from ‘white than white’ to ‘dirt is good’.

We all remember the adverts of kids painting, playing sport and having fun in the garden and then coming home covered in dirt!

This strengthening of Persil’s core offer boosted their sales and profits and made them one of the biggest brands in the world with global sales of $3 billion.

So what can your business do to revamp your core offer and win additional sales?

Does your business have a slogan? Does your business have a core message? Does your core message help sell your brand? Is it strong enough?

When was the last time you really used your core message to sell your products and services?

Take time to ask your customers what your core offer means to them! You might be surprised what comes out in the laundry!

A strong core message must be at the heart of everything you do. Go here to download the 4 page Business Bitesize report that reveals how to identify your core message...

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