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Blog 189 - How come Bob the Builder knows more about good business than you

How come Bob the Builder knows more about good business than you do?

You know who Bob the Builder is… you even know his mantra:

“Can we fix it? Yes, we can!”

And of course, he normally does!!

This is a positive mental attitude, something that would make any teenager’s eyes roll!

However, having a positive mental attitude is key to success both personally and professionally, however difficult this may be at this time.

Very few of us get the first job we apply for, we’ve all been ‘dumped’ and we’ve all tried something new and failed!

However, we then apply for another job, we seek out a new romance and we keep working on that new thing until we succeed.

In the business world it’s the same. In his book ‘To Sell is Human’ Daniel Pink was asked by one sales person “How do I succeed in sales in an ocean of rejection?”

In the ABC of selling, B is for Buoyancy.

Buoyancy is about staying positive and not letting rejection get the better of you.

Pink believes optimists realise rejection is temporary, it’s not specific, and it’s almost never personal.

He also believes that positive self-talk works better when it’s a self-questioning ‘Bob the Builder’ style, rather than self-affirming statements of brilliance.

Say, “Can I do this?” rather than “I can do this!”

“Can I do this?” requires an answer and generates a series of questions to ask yourself – enabling self-talk about the ways and means of achieving what you want.

Staying buoyant and dealing with rejection with a positive mental attitude is vital if your business is to survive these uncertain times.

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