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Job security is in doubt like never before – are you talking this through?

According to a massive research study into team morale, being treated fairly matters more than anything else.

The research (18million+ employee surveys), suggests that FAIRNESS breaks down into 3 elements:

  • Your team’s sense of job security;
  • Your team’s sense of fair pay, and
  • The human respect and genuine appreciation you show them as their employer.

At this challenging time while we all work through the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic job security trumps pay issues.  Why get paid well this month if it means you’re out of work in weeks or months from now – that makes no sense to anyone.

The Government is working hard to put measures in place to ensure workers get paid in these challenging economic times. This impacts job security positively. It also means there’s a built-in fairness, as there’s a framework to work out how much everyone gets paid. The Government’s aim is improved job security.

Of the 3 elements of fairness the one most easy to influence is human respect – the way that we treat our employees.

Good communication shows genuine respect for them and what they are feeling at this time.

Communicate about what though?

Here’s a few ideas associated with the current covid-19 outbreak:

  • Be sure to let them know you’re giving them an update every week (at least)
  • Share with your team the business-relevant updates from the Government, what you think about the updates and want you’re planning to do about them in your business and with your customers – get their comments/thoughts – create the dialogue
  • What customers are saying and doing and the impact on your business, again create the dialogue and get their comments/thoughts
  • Share some of the challenges your business is facing, possible next steps, what might hold you back and how you think issues can be overcome, ask them for their comments/thoughts

At the moment it’s difficult to give everyone a definitive sense of job security.

However, we can share with them what’s happening, what you’re thinking and what you’re planning for.

This shows genuine respect for your people.

Keep your team in the dark about your plans and they’ll likely think things are worse than they are, feel disrespected and feel like they are being treated unfairly.

If you want high levels of loyalty from your team and to keep morale high, communicate well with your people and you show them respect.  Click here and read more in this 4-page report

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