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How do you keep your customers hooked on you?

You have a smartphone; you check it regularly (more often than you probably think) and you have several apps that you repeatedly check…

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat...

To at least one of these you are hooked… but the brilliance of the business behind these apps is that you don’t even realise you are hooked!

For you to apply the same winning brilliance to your business as Facebook or Instagram you must have the right TRIGGER.

All habit-forming products start with external triggers. External triggers take the form of a cue, they are embedded with information, telling you to do something, like click on an advert for the app, or respond to a push notification.

Use the right external trigger in your business and subtly start to automatically cue your customers’ next steps. This will then in turn change their behaviour towards action (the next phase of the process) and to habitually buy your products or services.

To learn the 4 types of external triggers and how to apply the 4-phase habit forming process to your business click here.

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